Initiates interaction with users in a friendly and welcoming manner


The Greeting pattern is the initial interaction point where the AI system welcomes users and sets the tone for the conversation. This pattern is crucial for creating a positive user experience and establishing rapport between the user and the AI.

A well-crafted greeting should be friendly, concise, and relevant to the context of the interaction. It can include a simple "hello," a personalized message addressing the user by name if available, or a brief introduction to the AI's capabilities.

By using the Greeting pattern, AI systems can make users feel valued and appreciated from the outset, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, greetings can help orient users and provide them with a clear starting point for their interaction with the AI.


  • Creates a positive first impression and establishes rapport with users.

  • Sets the tone for the conversation and helps users feel comfortable and engaged.


  • Requires careful consideration to avoid being overly formal or informal, depending on the context and user preferences.

  • May need to be tailored to different user segments or scenarios to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

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