Model Selector

Allows users to choose their preferred AI model for processing requests or generating responses


The Model Selector feature provides users with the option to select their preferred AI model for handling requests or generating responses within the application. This pattern is valuable in scenarios where the application offers multiple AI models with different capabilities or performance characteristics.

Users can activate the Model Selector functionality by accessing a dropdown menu or settings interface where available AI models are listed. They can then choose the desired model from the list, which may include options based on factors such as accuracy, speed, or specific task capabilities.

By offering the Model Selector feature, applications empower users to customize their AI experience according to their preferences or requirements. This pattern enhances user control and flexibility in interacting with the AI, allowing them to optimize performance based on their individual needs.


  • Enables users to tailor their AI experience by selecting the most suitable model for their needs.

  • Enhances user satisfaction by providing transparency and control over the AI model used for processing requests.


  • Requires clear communication and guidance to help users understand the differences between available AI models and choose the most appropriate one.

  • Users may experience decision fatigue when presented with a large number of model options, requiring careful design to streamline the selection process.

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