Floating Action Button

Provides a centralized, accessible action point on the interface

Floating Action Button


Provides a centralized, accessible action point on the interface



The Floating Action Button (FAB) is a UI design pattern characterized by a prominent button that hovers over content, typically embodying the primary action users are encouraged to take. This button is easily accessible no matter where users navigate within the app, offering a consistent action point.

Commonly represented by a plus icon or a pencil for creating or editing, the FAB simplifies the interface by reducing the number of visible actions and focusing user attention on a single primary task. Its placement and standout design make it easily recognizable, guiding users towards intended functionalities without cluttering the screen with multiple buttons.

The Floating Action Button is particularly effective in mobile interfaces where screen real estate is limited, providing a clear and unobtrusive pathway to important functionalities.


  • Enhances interface cleanliness by consolidating actions into a single visible button.

  • Improves usability with a consistent and easily accessible action point across different screens.


  • Can obscure content if not appropriately sized or positioned.

  • May confuse users if it leads to multiple unrelated actions, diluting its effectiveness as a primary action prompt.

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