Highlight Text

Exposes interactive options through text selection


Highlight Text is an input mechanism that activates additional interface options when users select or highlight text within an application. This pattern is commonly used to provide quick access to functionalities such as copying, editing, or analyzing selected text.

Upon text selection, a small, contextual popover or toolbar appears, offering tools related to the text operations. This method is highly efficient for tasks that involve text manipulation, such as formatting, linking, or annotating, enabling users to perform actions directly where they need them without navigating away from their current context.

Highlight Text enhances productivity by streamlining text-based workflows and reducing the steps required to access common features. It is particularly valuable in content creation, educational, and research-focused applications where text interaction is frequent.


  • Increases efficiency by reducing the steps to access text-related functionalities.

  • Enhances user experience by providing intuitive, immediate access to tools.


  • Can clutter the interface if too many options are presented or if the popover is too intrusive.

  • Risk of accidental activation, which can frustrate users if the interface appears unexpectedly.

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