Modifier Dropdown

Provides users with a dropdown menu of modifiers to remix or blend with AI-generated content


The Modifier Dropdown pattern offers users a selection of modifiers presented in a dropdown menu, which they can apply to AI-generated content to remix or blend it according to their preferences or needs. This pattern enhances user control and customization by allowing them to fine-tune the output to better suit their requirements.

Modifiers may include options such as "make longer," "add humor," "increase formality," or "change tone," among others, depending on the AI's capabilities and the context of the interaction. Users can select one or more modifiers from the dropdown menu to apply to the AI-generated content before finalizing their response.

By providing a Modifier Dropdown, AI systems empower users to actively shape the conversation and tailor the output to their desired style or outcome. This pattern promotes user engagement and satisfaction by offering flexibility and control over the conversation flow and content.


  • Enhances user customization and control over AI-generated content.

  • Allows users to personalize the conversation according to their preferences or specific communication goals.


  • Requires careful design and implementation to ensure the modifiers offered are relevant and effectively enhance the content.

  • Users may find the dropdown menu cumbersome or overwhelming if presented with too many modifier options.

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