Prompt Examples

Provides sample prompts or hints to guide users in initiating interactions with the AI


Prompt Examples are pre-defined sample queries or prompts that users can use as a starting point to interact with the AI. This pattern is designed to assist users, especially those who may be unsure of what to ask or how to begin the conversation.

These prompt examples cover a range of topics or use cases relevant to the AI's capabilities, such as asking for information, requesting assistance, or initiating specific actions. By offering prompt examples, AI systems aim to streamline the interaction process and encourage users to engage more effectively with the system.

The content of prompt examples should be clear, concise, and relevant to the application's domain or functionality. Additionally, users may have the option to customize or modify the provided prompts to better suit their specific needs or preferences.


  • Facilitates user engagement by providing guidance and direction for initiating interactions with the AI.

  • Helps users overcome uncertainty or hesitation and encourages them to explore the AI's capabilities more confidently.


  • May not cover all possible user queries or scenarios, requiring periodic updates or additions to the prompt examples.

  • Users may perceive prompt examples as limiting or restrictive if they prefer to initiate conversations with their own queries or prompts.

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