Starter Suggestions

Provides initial prompts or recommendations to guide users in getting started


Starter Suggestions are pre-defined prompts or recommendations that aim to assist users in getting started with the AI system or application. This pattern is commonly used in onboarding processes or when users interact with the AI for the first time, helping them overcome the initial uncertainty and providing direction.

These suggestions may include sample queries, recommended actions, or helpful tips tailored to the user's context or goals. By offering Starter Suggestions, AI systems can streamline the onboarding process and encourage users to explore the capabilities of the application more effectively.

The content of Starter Suggestions should be relevant, concise, and easy to understand, catering to users with varying levels of familiarity with the application. Additionally, these suggestions can evolve over time based on user feedback and interaction patterns to better meet users' needs.


  • Facilitates user onboarding and reduces the learning curve for new users.

  • Encourages exploration and engagement by providing helpful guidance and direction.


  • Requires careful consideration to ensure suggestions are relevant and contextually appropriate for different user scenarios.

  • May need to be periodically updated to reflect changes in user preferences or application features.

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