Copy Text

Enables users to copy text from messages or chat transcripts within the interface


The Copy Text feature allows users to select and copy text directly from messages or chat transcripts displayed within the interface. This pattern is commonly used in chat applications and messaging platforms to facilitate the sharing or manipulation of text content.

Users can activate the Copy Text functionality by selecting the desired text within the chat interface and choosing the copy option from a context menu or toolbar. Once copied, users can paste the text into other applications, documents, or messages as needed.

By offering Copy Text functionality, applications provide users with a convenient means of extracting and transferring text content, promoting collaboration and communication. This pattern enhances user experience by streamlining the process of sharing information and reducing the need for manual transcription or re-typing.


  • Facilitates the sharing and dissemination of text content from chat messages or transcripts.

  • Enhances user productivity and convenience by enabling easy copying and pasting of text within the interface.


  • Users may expect additional features such as formatting options or text editing capabilities when copying text, which may not always be supported.

  • Implementing Copy Text functionality requires consideration of privacy and security concerns, especially in sensitive or confidential chat environments.

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