Provides users with a control to temporarily pause or stop the chat while the AI processes information


The Pause control allows users to temporarily halt the chat interaction with the AI while it processes information or performs tasks. This pattern is useful in situations where users need to pause the conversation to review previous messages, think about their next response, or wait for the AI to generate a complex reply.

When activated, the Pause control typically displays a visual indicator to inform users that the chat is currently paused. Users can then resume the conversation at their convenience by clicking on the control again or through another designated action.

By offering a Pause control, AI systems give users more control over the pacing of the conversation and accommodate their need for breaks or interruptions during interactions. This pattern enhances user experience by reducing frustration and allowing users to engage with the AI at their own pace.


  • Empowers users to control the pace of the conversation and take breaks as needed during interactions with the AI.

  • Enhances user satisfaction by providing a flexible and user-friendly chat experience.


  • Requires clear communication and visual cues to ensure users understand when the chat is paused and how to resume it.

  • May disrupt the flow of conversation if used excessively or unnecessarily.

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