Displays a loading state to indicate to users that the AI is processing information


The Loading state is a visual indication presented to users to communicate that the AI is currently processing information or performing tasks. This pattern is essential in applications where users interact with the AI in real-time and may experience delays while waiting for responses.

During the loading state, a visual element such as a spinner, progress bar, or animated icon is displayed on the screen to signify ongoing processing. This provides users with feedback that the AI is actively working on their request and helps manage their expectations regarding response times.

By incorporating a Loading state, applications improve user experience by reducing uncertainty and frustration during periods of waiting. Users are reassured that their interactions with the AI are being processed, which contributes to a smoother and more transparent interaction flow.


  • Helps manage user expectations by providing feedback on the AI's processing status.

  • Enhances user perception of system responsiveness and reliability.


  • May interrupt the user experience if the loading state persists for an extended period.

  • Requires careful design to ensure the loading indicator is unobtrusive and does not distract from the main content.

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