File Upload

Allows users to upload files or documents to the AI for processing or analysis


The File Upload feature enables users to transfer files or documents from their local device to the AI for processing, analysis, or other operations. This pattern is commonly used in applications where users need to provide additional information or input beyond text-based queries.

Users can initiate the file upload process by selecting a designated button or option within the interface, which opens a file selection dialog on their device. They can then choose one or more files to upload, which are transmitted to the AI for processing.

File types supported for upload may include documents, images, audio files, or other media formats, depending on the capabilities of the AI and the requirements of the application. After uploading, the AI can perform various tasks such as data extraction, analysis, or generating insights based on the content of the files.

By offering File Upload functionality, applications expand the capabilities of the AI and provide users with a versatile means of interacting with the system. This pattern enhances user experience by accommodating diverse input types and facilitating more comprehensive interactions.


  • Enables users to provide additional input beyond text-based queries, enhancing the capabilities of the AI.

  • Facilitates more comprehensive analysis or processing of user-provided content, leading to more meaningful outcomes.


  • Requires careful consideration of file size limits, supported formats, and security measures to ensure smooth and secure file upload functionality.

  • Users may experience frustration or confusion if the file upload process is complex or poorly implemented.

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