Allows users to regenerate or refresh AI-generated content for improved outcomes


The Regenerate feature enables users to request a new iteration of AI-generated content to refine or improve the quality of outcomes. This pattern is particularly useful in scenarios where users are dissatisfied with the initial result or seek alternative suggestions from the AI.

Users can trigger the Regenerate action through a dedicated button or menu option, prompting the AI to generate new content based on the same input or parameters. This iterative process allows users to explore different possibilities and refine their interactions with the AI to achieve more desirable outcomes.

By offering the Regenerate feature, applications empower users to actively participate in the content generation process and iterate on their interactions with the AI. This pattern promotes user engagement and satisfaction by providing opportunities for experimentation and refinement.


  • Enhances user control and customization by allowing them to request new iterations of AI-generated content.

  • Facilitates exploration and experimentation, leading to improved outcomes and user satisfaction.


  • May require additional processing time and resources to generate new content, leading to potential delays in responsiveness.

  • Users may become reliant on the Regenerate feature and expect immediate improvements in content quality, which may not always be feasible.

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